‘Coz S Is For Awesome: Part 2

A Shade Of Pen

Catch the first part HERE

~~In the shoes of a chatterbox, a mad chatterbox~

Why couldn’t things feel good all the time? What was that dread he often fell in his stomach? Would he forever be like that? Scarred all over, with a heart that hurt at random times..

“You know I hate you for doing this to me”, he said to no one in the room… Great, he also spoke to the air.. Only if it could talk back and then out of nowhere he remembered, “trouble with a capital T” . She was weird in a lot of ways.. But she was goood.. He was good at reading people or so he believed at least.

He couldn’t help but smile as he recalled the madness she was.. The very next instant he found himself logging on to Facebook. He wasn’t a Facebook addict, but in his spare time…

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