A.R.R.A.N.G.E.D. M.A.R.R.I.A.G.E.

A Shade Of Pen

~~In the shoes of the “ugly side of arranged marriage”~~

arranged marriage

He: I love you
She: don’t do this to me.
H: don’t do what?
S: don’t tell me you love me.
H: why?
S: because I am getting married to a complete stranger whom I do not know.
H: but why?
S: because that’s how it’s supposed to be.
H: no, it’s not.
S: I NEVER have a choice.
H: you always have.. You just need to see it. Are you happy?
S: I don’t know.
H: if you don’t know, it means you’re not happy
S: why did you take so long?
H: take so long for what?
S: to confess
H: confess what?
S: I hate YOU!!
H: I NEVER confessed that.. I don’t hate you
S: you know what I mean… You ALWAYS know.. Don’t play with me now… Puhleeasee…
H: aww baby, sorryyy
S: you NEVER…

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You Know Who You Are

A Shade Of Pen

There are people who read the words you write..and then there are people who see in between the pauses of two words

There are people who see broken beauty in your poems.. and then there are people who know how you bled when you wrote those verse

There are people who MERELY promise to be there for you when you need them.. and then there are people you’ve never met and may never will and still they stand when you need the right shoulder to stand

There are people who come and go away from your life like seasons.. and then there are people who come once and you know, you just know that nothing will make their presence go away

There are days when you just feel sad and lost and trapped.. and then there are people who simply hear you cry, whisper a few okays and you feel…

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‘Coz S Is For Awesome: Part 2

A Shade Of Pen

Catch the first part HERE

~~In the shoes of a chatterbox, a mad chatterbox~

Why couldn’t things feel good all the time? What was that dread he often fell in his stomach? Would he forever be like that? Scarred all over, with a heart that hurt at random times..

“You know I hate you for doing this to me”, he said to no one in the room… Great, he also spoke to the air.. Only if it could talk back and then out of nowhere he remembered, “trouble with a capital T” . She was weird in a lot of ways.. But she was goood.. He was good at reading people or so he believed at least.

He couldn’t help but smile as he recalled the madness she was.. The very next instant he found himself logging on to Facebook. He wasn’t a Facebook addict, but in his spare time…

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First Jorio

A Shade Of Pen

I just came to know that Jorio is a form of poem where you have just four lines and each line must have only four words. no more, no less. These are the poems that are really tough for me because I am verbose.. I have tried and I have still not perfected it at all.. but, i am a work in progress 🙂 🙂 One day, I too would know the art of speaking less and meaning more.

I can never speak

Words you wanna hear

Yet eyes never lie

If you weren’t blind


P.S. I don’t really know if I justified.. the love between a dumb and a blind 🙂

so, I know I am way off beat in this form, but a dearest bud posted a jorio on similar lines and it is WAYYYY better and deserved to be here… here, it goes..

One day, I wish…

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You Think, You Know Me

A Shade Of Pen

Some poems are special.. They just are. There is too much in it.. R.A.W. the poem is inspired by Jen Lefever Wood’s sketches. she is awesome at art and poetry. Make sure to drop to her blog. I love her words and her glowing heart.

my story

Behind the endless smiles

There are scars I never show

Behind the insane chatter

There is a story you will never know

You see what I choose to show

There are things you will never know

We all wear such shades

That the world has not seen

When the entire world sleeps

I cry and curse within

You may forget the biggest woes

But there’s something you will never know

My roses have so many thorns

They make me bleed more and more

And yet, one day I will grow

And the thorns will hide

I talk, laugh and smile

Because the tears are…

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I Need You TODAY

A Shade Of Pen

~~Some days begin bad, I wish they don’t end that way~~

I am not always a mess

I am not always so hurt

Today is just one of those days

I badly need you today

stand up and fight

Just tell me it’s going to fix

Just hear me when I cry

Just be there when I am at loss

Just… I don’t really know 

Today is just one of those days

I badly need you today

I can’t see the colors

I can’t feel the smiles

I feel so hollow

There’s too much sorrow

Some days are night

Sometimes, things don’t feel right

My heart badly hurts

I don’t feel alright

Today is just one of those days

I badly need you today

Let these clouds clear 

I want you near

I want someone to hold

I want someone to tell

It’s okay to be scared

It’s okay to cry

I don’t want…

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